10 Questions

I recommend that you ask the following questions of any DJ Entertainment service that you are considering hiring:
1.  Have you committed yourself to follow the ADJA Code of Professional Conduct?
Any responsible business owner will be committed to living by the ADJA code of Professional Conduct.  This is just one of the commitments that I will make to you.
2.  Are you insured? Can you supply me with proof of liability?
I carry liability insurance to protect you, your guests and myself. Many entertainment venues are beginning to require proof of liability insurance. Feel free to ask for my proof of liability insurance. 
3.  Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time?
It is very hard to know what music you want without our discussions in advance.  I will honor your play list, as well as your do not play list.  If you wish to allow requests at the event, I'll work as many as possible into the mix.
4.  Do you use Professional Equipment?
I use all professional grade gear.  My equipment listing is available on the equipment page.   This includes Mackie, JBL, OAP, Shure, Audio Technica, Behringer, Bose, Nady and other brands.
5.  Do you provide backup equipment at my event?
Although equipment failure is rare, do you really want your special occasion ruined because I did not come prepared? I bring and setup two complete sound systems for my events.  It is also important to know I have a back-up plan in case of illness or an accident.  I can call members of the local DJ associations and get a last minute replacement in case of some type of catastrophic event that prevents me from performing.  
Booking a reliable Disc Jockey is a very important decision for the success of your party. Selecting a Disc Jockey who is an active member of a local association will provide you with the confidence that you have selected a trained professional. Association. members are more likely to be involved with other Disc Jockey's who can help them out with an unexpected situation.
6.  Do you know the proper etiquette for my type of party?
I will assist you with the planning of your special day. I provide planning documents that form the basis for our planning meetings, and will work with you to personalize your event so it is truly yours.  As we go through the planning, I will learn what you desire, and will be able to accommodate those desires.
7.  How much time do you need for set-up?
Punctuality is a necessity. I'll arrive at least one hour prior to the start time you've given me (earlier if you have a larger equipment requirement). I'll be setup and in-place before your first guest walks through the door at the starting time of the event.
8.  Do you provide a written contract?
I provide a written contract to protect you and me.  The contract spells out that I will be your entertainer, and you are providing the space.  It will also detail the payment requirements and timetable for payments.
9.  Will you be suitably dressed for our occasion?
You will specify the type of apparel that you wish for me to wear for your occasion.  I can be dressed in shorts and an Hawaiian shirt for a beach party up to a matching tuxedo to the other participants.  This is all covered in the planning sessions.
10. Do you belong to a professional organization or trade group?
Although belonging to an organization or trade group does not guarantee the talent or professionalism of a disc jockey, it may indicate my willingness to network, learn and grow. Disc jockeys learn through local chapter meetings, national DJ conventions and seminars geared toward the entertainment professional.  I'm a member of the American Disc Jockey Association, Georgia Mobile DJ Association and the National Association of Mobile Entertainers.
I can answer all of these questions to your complete satisfaction.  If you have other questions, be sure to ask!