Neal McKinney, DJ, KJ and Sound Engineer

Neal is an accomplished DJ, having worked as a DJ for over 20 years.  I started spinning records in High School, working events such as New Years Eve at the Hilton Hotel, and high school dances and parties.  Having been trained as a musician, I know music, and know what drives people to dance and enjoy themselves.  Now being able to travel around the Southeastern United States providing DJ entertainment is a true love.  I have the ability to read the crowd, and see what will keep them on the dance floor - mixing music for all ages, from elementary school age, through the senior years, and making them all feel comfortable.

I also have extensive experience in sound reinforcement, working such events at Music Midtown (Atlanta) and the Riverbend Festival (Chattanooga, TN).  I've worked as the primary mixer for many churches, bands (both Christian and Secular) and music festivals.  This has given me exposure to many musical styles, and I use this knowledge as both a DJ and live sound mixer.

As a Christian, I prefer to play the "clean" or radio edit versions of songs.  I have an extensive collection of Christian music, to go along with the Top 40, Rhythm/Hip-Hop, Country, Standards, Jazz, and dinner music in my catalog.  However, I will play whatever music you desire, as my goal as a DJ is to exceed your expectations.  My faith impacts every facet of my life, including my work, but you hire me to provide a service, and I'll do my best to give you the service you want.