Lighting and Effects

Our light show consists of a variety of lighting and special effects to set the mood for your event.  There are general colored lights, intelligent lights, mirror ball, multi-colored effect lights all controlled by a Computer controller with a Chauvet Intelligent DMS-40 controller as a backup.  
Here is what our full lighting setup is like - with a 10 foot truss, 2 or 3 additional lighting trees, mirror ball, strobe, chase lights, bubble machine, light beam generators, mushrooms.  What you do not see in this picture is the colored up-lights to light up the room in changing colors to adjust the mood and match the different songs.
The elegant 'Stick' light adds a touch of elegance to any event.  The color area can be program with virtually any color, and the colors can change.  The intelligent light mounted on the top can be used as a spot or key light to highlight your stage area, or just for effect with various colors and patterns available for projection.
A featured lighting effect is the AmericanDJ Fusion 250 EX Scanner.  These "scanners" are controlled by the lighting controller, or can be set to automatically respond to the music being played.  They produce various light patterns, called Gobos, in 10 different colors.  See the photos below for more accurate detail.  These compact, high quality lights produce quite a spectacle, and enhance the "fun" at any party or event.  You can also request fog or bubble effect systems to bathe the dance floor, add definition to the lighting, and sparkle the entire area.  There are "standard" packages and optional add-ons for you to select, or call us to discuss any custom needs you may desire.
Gobo's that can be generated by the Fusion 250 EX Scanner

The Fusion 250 EX Scanner - one of our featured lighting systems

The fogger will accentuate the colored lighting and other effects.  This will help make all the different colored lights more visible, and stimulate and excite your guests on the dance floor.
The Mirror Ball with multiple lights reflecting off it, will give a large number of moving light points for the slow and intimate dances. 
The Fab 4 lighting system provides 64 discrete beams of colored light - and when mixed with the mirror ball and the fogger, will electrify the dance floor.
Par38sGL.jpg (4333 bytes) The "Par" can light is used for general color and illumination.  These lights can have colored gels placed on them to color the light.  You can select the gels to use for your event, to coordinate the color with your decorating touches.


The Bubble Machine provides a large number of bubbles over the dance floor - combined with a fan to blow them around, it gets very entertaining.  Combine with the Fogger, and it will get wicked!
All of these lighting instruments and effects can be controlled by our primary lighting computer, or the intelligent DMX-40 controller, shown at left.  This gives the DJ total control over the lighting and effects used for your event.  If you want more or less of anything, just ask - we will make it happen.

Basic Package

Fab 4 system
Mirror Ball
Par Can Lights with standard colored gels
Single Light Stand


Premium Package

Fusion 250 EX Scanners
Fab 4 system
Mirror Ball
Par Can Lights with custom colored gels
Bubble machine
Police Rotating Lights
Three Light Stands
10 foot long Lighting Truss


Basic Plus Package

Fusion 250 EX scanners
Fab 4 system
Mirror Ball
Par Can Lights with standard Colored gels
Two light Stands
10 foot long Lighting Truss

Add On Options

Bubble Machine
Additional Par Lights
Custom Gels for Par Lights