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Wedding Celebrations

You have found that perfect person to spend your life with, and now you want to have a reception that will be remembered.  Your Wedding Reception will be remembered not by how formal it was, what the center piece was, or what food was served, but how much fun your guests had while there.

We tailor the reception to YOUR specifications, with customized introductions of each member of the wedding party, playing the music that you have requested, and suited to YOUR tastes.  This is not a cookie-cutter approach - each reception is very unique, and designed to fit you.  I will work with you to plan and coordinate your special day.  You will have complete confidence that every detail will be taken care of you will not have to deal with any stressful decisions during your reception.

Custom Wedding Party Introductions results in people having fun!

Customized Introductions results in these types of actions....

She enjoyed her custom wedding introduction by The Sound Guy Atlanta

The reception can be in a small hall (with maybe 20 or 30 guests), up to a full banquet room with a large number of guests and everyone will be involved in your celebration.

Betsy probably said it best when she saw me a few weeks after her reception:  "Everyone had so much fun, thanks for making my day special and memorable"

Check to see if your date is available, using our availability checker.

Your guests can request songs (and you can approve or reject those requests), using our Guest Request page.  With just a simple password that you provide to your invited guests, they can use our web based requests system, and let you know what songs they would like to hear as well.

For more information, call or email.  We will be glad to meet with you to plan your reception.

If you need a photographer, Find a Photographer for your wedding or other special event